dense handwriting on a page

TL;DR I Need Help Right Now!

A quick check list to sharpen up your writing. Make your ideas easy to read and act upon.

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Woman reading at work in the sunshine

Are You Reading for a Decision?

Why readers are overlooked in the writing process and what you can do about it.

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woman leading a workshop

So what exactly is written identity?

And how can you make it work for your business?

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business person reading in a cafe

Writing for a Decision - asking for what you want.

Are you gathering your thoughts in public? Try asking for what you want. Upfront

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A clear idea

Written Identity - how to make writing your website easy

You start by needed to refresh the website. A few weeks later you find yourself awash with ideas and questions. Here’s how to marshal your thoughts.

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New York Times building and yellow cabs waiting at the lights

Pre-Meeting Deck - streamline your credentials

How can you excite your reader with your pre-meeting deck? Try this: think of your presentation as the New York Times. (I know!)

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Blogging for Techies - Who wants to read it?

Who is it for? Think about your reader first and they’ll actually want to read your blog.

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Blogging for Techies - Tell them the best bit.

It’s not a fairy tale. Get the best bit of your story out first.

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Blogging for Techies - Order your thoughts.

Get your ideas in order before you write (and it's more likely your reader will act on them).

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Silhouette of someone reading the newspaper, through the paper. Sunny

PR - Why One Press Release Is Not Enough. And What You Can Do Instead

PR is often a nice-to-have rather than a must-have. For small businesses it can seem time-consuming, expensive, and you’re not even sure if it works. Usually, there are more pressing things to do.

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