About Us

This is our savvy story. We want to tell yours too.

Meet Kate and Neil; two friends who tell stories that are read, understood and acted upon.

Kate and Neil's feet

Meet Kate

Kate helps organisations to develop and communicate effective narratives. (A good story, compellingly told, basically). Her research into how words work will help your business to thrive.

As a PR expert, she has been telling stories for business-to-business tech companies since the late 90s. Years of honing her PR pitch with journalists has taught Kate to spot what makes a story newsworthy and relevant.

Meet Neil

Neil will show you how to sound expert in writing and in person. His research analyses how expert credibility is established through communication, with a focus on language use, identity and the presentation of self.

Neil understands the structure behind a good story. At Word Savvy, he uses this know-how to help organisations apply narrative frameworks to their content.

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