“The new slide deck really made a big difference to the sales process. Clients can now easily understand our offering and capabilities”.

Chris KnightFounder, CKX

“The team understands brands and the part tone of voice plays in bringing them to life (and they do)”.

Tim LeahyOwner, Brandpoint

The Word Savvy team are terrific professionals, embodying an artful blend of fine skills and rare human qualities. Kate combines in-depth knowledge of company concerns with a consultant’s razor-sharp expertise.

Yasmina MadafiFounder, La Nouvelle Agence

A fantastic launch event! Full of influencers, journalists, paralympians and fashion mavens, which impressed our investors, drove app downloads and boosted the team.

Fiona JarvisFounder, Blue Badge Style

“Convincing the media of something means you have to understand your audience fully – find a hook, pitch it and refine it. And Word Savvy delivers every time".

Eike AdlerDirector of Corporate Communications, Spread Group

“Being able to tell our story – a story that is often confusing to businesses unfamiliar with our industry – has allowed us to win new business and create important partnerships”.

Ellie AdamsFounder, QIVA Global

Simplify Sales-speak to Close New Business

Handed a sales deck that wasn’t hitting the spot, Word Savvy started by reviewing the AI development firm’s verbal identity. Over three workshops, we reworked the sales deck and website to tell the best story.

Simplifying the sales-speak enabled the team to easily win meetings, talk to prospects about their offering and close new business.

We “made a big difference to the sales process”.


On-demand Content and Media Results

When this ecommerce company wanted to establish their credibility, comment on industry topics and raise the profile of their CEO, Word Savvy became their go to. That was over a decade ago.

Since then we’ve become the thinking partners of the global marketing team. Together we’ve identified relevant topics and industry trends, which have led to optimal PR reach.

We “generate media results that inspire the team and raise the profile of the business”.

Have Your Ideas Read and Acted On

When a paper-writing team needed a hand getting through to the Board they called on Word Savvy to help refocus the paper.

Together we worked on live documents. Over a couple of sessions we unearthed the clear ask, practiced some persuasion devices and came up with a structure. The team knew what they wanted to say, Word Savvy worked with them on why and how to say it.

The end result? The Board felt better informed, making it easier to take decisions confidently.

A Little Help With Your Words

A brochure for seafood wholesalers, brand awards entries, words for a new business mailing, or copywriting a few lines. These are a few of the written tasks that Word Savvy has tackled for a London design house.

In this business-to-business work, the Word Savvy team used our linguistics backgrounds to provide alternative approaches for discussion and copy refinement.

We “helped to elevate copywriting communication to a new level”.