Sara-Jane Brocklehurst

Sara-Jane Brocklehurst began her education in Film Production and Drama driven by the desire and need to create both characters and stories.  She then migrated her educational experience to Biology with an interest in telling stories of the natural world.  Upon completing her degree however, she found herself immersed in the world of business doing research and strategic planning for a range of clients from government, First Nations, not-for-profit and academia.  Her key skill was in being able to pull together otherwise technical dry material and transforming it into palatable and digestible pieces meeting the needs of her clients but easily embraced by the general public.

Sara-Jane writes material from newsletters and a travel blog through to government strategies and fund raising proposals.  At an initial meeting Sara-Jane strives to determine the tone with which a client would like to communicate.  From there the goal is to develop the best product to meet their needs.

Currently Sara-Jane is developing fund raising proposals / strategies and communications for a variety of charities in the Bournemouth area.